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About ChristiAnime!



What we are about

We need writers & artists

We need Mangakas/Anime Artists

What is ChristiAnime?

We need music producers!

We need tutorials

The problem with mainstream Anime & Manga

Most important of all, Christ is the center of what we do!

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Mission Statement

Forum Rules

This must be reviewed before you can become a club member. Our mission statement speaks of what we are about, our goals, our missions.

It is important that you review over these rules before you post on our forum. Respect is expected of all our members.

Art/Project Submission

Before you become a club member, we recommend that you review the rules about what is acceptable on our site. We have a family friendly network. We want to keep it that way!

Privacy Policy

We guarantee your privacy on our site. We pledge not to give away any of your personal information. We also use cookies. Find out more info before you decide to join us.

A Note To Parents

Are you a parent of a child who loves anime? We know there are many Christian parents who are very concerned. Find out how to choose titles for your children here.

What is Manga/Anime?

They are not just styles of art, they are mostly animation and comics that come from Japan. However, many fans from around the world have ventured to create their own. Find out more!

What are Vocaloids

Christian Anime?

Ever heard these words? A new music culture is springing up and it's going viral around the world! These are computer generated vocals that imitate the human voice. Find out more!

What is the gospel of Jesus Christ? What must I do to be saved? Here we will provide biblical answers to these questions and more!

Our Family Friendly Community

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Questions & Answers

Have questions on how to use this site? Here are some questions and answers ragaurding that!

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We are proud to introduce to you to our brand new newsletter. Check out all of the great Otaku news we have on this page. Sign up to get e-mails of or newsletters!

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CA isn THE place to find Christian Anime and Christian Manga! We are a community of mangakas, anime artists, and fans from around the world dedicated to providing a godly alternative for people of all ages. Here, not only can you enjoy Christian themed manga and anime, you can even create your own and share it on our site!

Many of you might think of Japan Anime as "those big eyes people", "cartoons with bad religion", or "Yuk! Porn!". It is true that the more you dive into the mainstream anime and it's comic counterpart, manga; you will find just that. Therefore it is no wonder that it has been frowned upon by many Christian organizations, and many have worked to forbid children and youth from such things because of the influence behind it. Many anime fan groups and discussion boards have also been hostile toward Christians and are increasingly filled with material that is offensive.

The great news is, we are here to bridge the gap between Biblical truth and the things anime fans enjoy the most. Unlike the mainstream anime and manga, the goal of CA is to produce beautiful artwork that contains only Biblical sound values and are guaranteed to be without any offensive material you would find in secular anime/manga. We are working to create a community of believers who not only have an interest in this type of art, but are also interested in helping provide that alternative by creating their own projects to share and fill the growing collection we will be adding to our site. Because, really; who wouldn't want that? So join the community and share yours!.

CA also strives to provide a safe place for people to discuss anime, free from material many of our users find objectionable. We also aim to provide resources for parents to find titles for their children. Our forums and discussion areas are primarily geared towards fans of anime who want to discuss their favorite topics. It is also for the purpose of general fellowship with others who share the same interests. Our databases are in the process of development so that users can evaluate them based on their content.

There is always room for writers. If you are a writer in need of an artist or vice versa, CA can help provide the connections with those of the same interests. We are working on a plugin that will allow you to submit your stories and art (under the guidelines of our family friendly website) and we can get you going. Whether you are a writer or an artist, feel free to share with others what you have done. We guarantee that all artwork and stories 100% belong to the owners who produce them. So have fun sharing!

What would a manga+anime site be like without that? We can use as many helping hands as we can get to help CA thrive and get our God-given abilities a chance to be seen by the millions! Join our community, share yours, get feedback from other members, and even promotion! There is no charge to do so. So come join the fun!

Christ centered vocaloid and music sountracks are wanted! CA has a passion for great music, and really; who doesn't? We want to assure that the music you find here will have a great message to bring and created in inspiration of God!

If you have a tutorial you want to share, feel free to submit yours. We can always use a helping hand providing tips and tricks for our members to help them become better anime artists, music producers, game designers/programmers, and so much more!

Our member base is primarily Christian, so feel free to check out our website, blog and forums. Visit our help section Q&A for spiritual questions and guidelines. CA guarantees that all projects submitted 100% belong to their respective owners and not the social network itself. So, do you think you have what it takes to become a ChristiAnime artist? If so....

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