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Vocaloid? Utauloid? What is that?

Vocaloids (or Utauloids) are computer generated voices that are mostly depicted using Anime style avatars. Vocaloid, Zero G, and Utau (to name a few) are software used to create these computer generated voices. We have links to both Japanese & English selections. The technology for singing voice synthesis was developed by Yamaha. They allow creators to input melody and lyrics in order to synthesize singing. It is a voice that is generated electronically without an actual singer. Pretty cool eh?

These vocal banks were produced by using fragments of actual voices of real singers. This is called the singer library. By editing these vocal banks, many voices such as Hatsune Miku, & Kasane Teto are created. Many have taken advantage of this technology and have been able to produce their own set of musical pieces all over the internet and Youtube.

 Hatsune Miku, an Anime style pop star in Japan; has become extremely popular all over the world. There is also software downloads that you can use to create your own songs using her voice. It even allows you to edit the existing synthesizer to create your own! Today many have created their own soundtracks and have gone to the top sellers list. These songs became well known to the public, and have become a popular music culture!

Vocaloids: The New Music Culture.

Vocaloid Technology 

The more this technology has improved, the more difficult it has become to tell the difference between a Vocaloid and a real singer.  Not only does it allow others to create their own melodies with voice synthesizers, but it also allows them to create their own full musical pieces in any genre. These can also be used for video game creation, and mobile phones, and voice overs.



Music Video & Track Examples

Our Goal For The Future

Not only do we hope to becomes an amazing part of the music industry, but we are also looking for people who have a passion for inspirational music and want to use this technology for God’s glory. The possibilities are endless! The future of Vocaloids is one way we can help spread the biblical message. And it also provides an alternative for music creators who love Anime! So let’s spread the gospel message across the world through music and reach more and more people, who will in turn find new ways of enjoying its possibilities. If you are interested in contributing, remember to read the submission rules before submitting yours. Thank and have fun!



In Addition:

CA's Vision For Vocaloid & Utau

If you wish to create your own Vocaloids, check out these great freewares you can use for music & animation! If you want to learn how to use these softwares, check out our tutorial page! Have fun!

Softwares for Artists

Blender Gamekit - is a freeware you can download. Great for games, animation, 3D modeling, and more!


Google Sketchup - A freeware used to create lanscapes. Very easy to use.


Utau - Like vocaloid software. It allows you to imput fragments of your own voice to use for voice synths. You can also download other vocal banks for free.


Utau Synth Japanese (for MAC) To get product key, go to the japanese Utau website!


Utau Synth English (for MAC) For this you will still need a product key. Click here to get it!


LMMS - A music making software you can download free. It consists of VST plugin & Preset options, music & voice FX, and much more!


Audacity - A vocal recording software you can use to create your voice banks! Click here if you have a MAC.


Reaper - Another great music making software that has VST and plugin preset options. You can download a free 60 day trial. If you like it, you can buy it for a great and affordable price! Check it out! Also compatible for Hatsune Miku synth!


Gimp - Like Photoshop, but it's free to download. Get it for your 3D modeling and digital coloring needs!