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What is Anime & Manga?


In the North American cultures, and other cultures, some people still have no idea what Manga or Anime are, and some who may know about them have misconceptions about what they are about and what their contents may be. Here is a list of questions concerning this topic..  


Anime is a term for “Animation” in Japanese. The Japanese culture uses this as a universal term for ALL animation. However, in the North American culture and other cultures, we know “Anime” as animation from Japan, or animation created in Japanese style. Here are some examples of the amazing style used by Japanese artist!.

As you can see, most Japanese characters are created with large eyes with shines, but not all. The style is a definite distinction from American cartoons.  


For many a decade, anime was only produced by Japanese artists and was only largely a part of that culture. It has a distinct and unique feel of storytelling, themes, concepts, and expression.  Over the last forty years, people from around the world have come to notice it’s unique style and it’s comic counterpart manga, and it has become international phenomenon, attracting millions of fans. It has now been translated into hundreds of languages all over the world. Today’s generation of viewers in the Western culture as well as others have grown up with it and are now passing it on to their children. Anime is the future!

Shounen Anime: Geared towards boys 10- 16 years

Shoujo Anime: Geared towards girls 10- 16 years

What is Special about Anime? 


Most anime fans will let you know “I love the unique style and storytelling”, or “It’s different”. Anime is definitely different than most American and European cartoons like batman, Spider-man, the Simpsons, and Disney to name a few. Manga, anime’s comic counterpart is different than DC or Marvel comics. The differences show up in various ways.



Anime artwork can range from the elegant and dainty, to the rough and boyish. Japan style makes even very "basic" artwork stand out; anime artists always find ways to make everything look amazing and fresh.

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Anime doesn’t hesitate to tell epic stories. These stories may run to dozens (and sometimes hundreds) of episodes in one series. The best anime, no matter how long the series is, all have one thing in common. They all promote great emotional involvement from the viewer.

Breadth of Material


There is an Anime for every audience of every interest imaginable, no matter what the age, value, or gender. It varies from romantic comedies, CSI-style crime fighting, female empowerment, Mecha (giant robots), or classic literature. There isn’t a genre or interest that is ignored! Especially not by fans!  

Cultural Nuances


Since Anime originated in Japan, there is much of its history, language, religion, and worldviews that are woven into its works. Some shows reflect Japanese history (Sengoku Basara) or teach Japanese mythology  (Hakkenden, Hell Girl). Even shows that aren’t necessarily Japanese in their presentation (Claymore, Monster) have small bits of a Japanese feel to them!  


Is Anime a genre?


No. It is Japanese style animation that consists of many genres, geared towards different audiences, and produced by various artists. It is no more than animation itself in a genre. Anime shows are like books or movies, fall into any number of existing genres. 

What is Manga?


Manga is Anime’s comic counterpart. Manga is a term for “Comic” in Japanese. The Japanese culture uses that as a universal term for ALL comics. However, in the North American culture, and other cultures we know “Manga” as comics from Japan, or comic created in Japanese style. As opposed to Western and European style comics which release monthly issues geared towards a young male audience, and produced by teams of artists, Manga is created by one or two artists, and releases in novel format. These are called “Graphic Novels”. They can be geared towards various audiences of all ages, and to both genders alike. Manga has a host of genres to choose from. After all, there is a Manga for every audience.   


Manga Page Examples

More about graphic novels.


Unlike Western and European comics which are produced in color and read left to right, Manga is usually produce in black and white format with computons reading right to left, and there are a lot more pages produced in one comic. They also put less dialogue and more expression in their novels and less content on one page than the average Western comic. These graphic novels are what we call a long comic book. The term “Graphic” entails that a story is being illustrated in comic format with drawn images and speech bubbles. A “Novel” means that it is a long book. It does not have to be fictional. Some can illustrate real-to-life stories. They are not just made for kids. There are also those that are geared towards mature audiences 18+. 

Is Manga & Anime safe for children? Does it offer any educational value?


Although our site is Christian, we also want to let our viewers know that not every title will be appropriate for every age group or stage of development. Read A Note To Parents to find out more, and also check out our submission rules to see what standards we hold on what content that is allowed or disallowed on our site for all projects. Here we offer educational value for our readers in the Christian faith, science, how to recognize and resist new age philosophies, and spiritual matters. The topics may vary for each title as well as the rating. We also have links to things we like such as “Manga Hero” which has published books chronicling the lives of real heroes and heroines from history, such as Paul: Tarsus to Redemption and Judith: Captive to Conqueror, “Shelter of Wings”, and “Next Manga”, which are Bible stories illustrated by Japanese artists.. 

I've heard that Manga & Anime contain violence and adult content. Is this true?


In the secular Japanese Anime & Manga industry, they are not just made for kids. There are also those that are geared towards mature audiences 18+. These can contain adult content that is not safe for kids, even in the Teen+ section. However, within the Japanese culture, things like sexuality are handled more casually than Western society. Nudity, for example; is sometimes shown in titles that were not necessarily made for adults. This may seem racy to Western viewers, especially Christian viewers who are parents of kids who love anime. Anime distributers are usually very conscious of this and will put actual ratings on these according to Western standards such as actual MPAA ratings (G, PG, PG13, R, NC-17) or a TV Parental Guidelines rating.

As with any media such as television, music, video games, or any other form of entertainment, one must also exercise discernment with this as well. In the mainstream manga & anime, it may or may not include but not limited to books and movies that contain adult-oriented themes such as yuri (homosexual themes), hentai (pornography), wicca (witchcraft), extreme violence and blood, new age philosophies and Eastern Religion. Here on ChristiAnime, we believe that great stories can be told without all these offensive materials you may find in secular manga and Anime.

What are the benefits of ChristiAnime books, movies, & music?


They are a great tool to spread the good news of Jesus! Many Christian parents who have children that are anime and manga fans find it hard to get titles appropriate for their family. There may also be teens and adults who are looking for a Godly alternative to the mainstream anime and manga. You’ve come to the right place! Here is where we can bridge the gap between Christian Anime fans and what they love most: beautiful artwork, education, and Christ centered values that you can make the most of! Make sure you look at the rating on our site to ensure that it is appropriate for the age of your child. That would include the teens + sections.

ChristiAnime books, movies, music, vocaloid soundtracks, and games can also make great gifts for all anime fans! Think about this: What is being fed to our kids and teens through the mainstream media and video games? Whose message are they hearing when they listen to their music? Yet these are the very things that will shape the way they think and see the world. The stories that are being told to them through these things, they will never forget! Neither will you! And all of us know that all these things don’t reflect a positive nature or contain all wholesome content. Help spread the news of ChristiAnime, and share it with your kids, peers, cousins, friends, and other Christians who love anime! Check out all of our selections within our community! We hope you get the full benefit of all that this site has to offer. God bless!