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Providing a Godly Alternative for Youth!

A Note to Parents was created for the sole purpose of providing a godly alternative for youth, and for Christian Mangakas & Anime artists to show and promote their work. This also can provide a safe environment for kids and Christian anime fans alike. All work is carefully monitored for Biblical compliance your convenience and benefit. While this site is Christian as a whole, you also need to be aware that some titles, while they may promote Christian ethics, may not be appropriate for all ages. We would like to encourage you, that if you have a child under 13; you should check out the content and rating of any title listed to ensure that it is well suited for your child’s age, development, and spiritual maturity. This would include the titles listed in the teen + categories.

CA also has a community and forum, of others with the same interest; that your child can connect with. Your child can also post his or her artwork, projects, and even leave comments and feedback. There is no charge to do so. The forums are censored to ensure there are no inappropriate content posted. While we cannot guarantee that everyone will agree on everything doctrinally, we strive to get along the best we can. We do our best, as the admin; to back up our views with biblical context so that they may be scripturally sound.  We keep high standards regarding our site, what biblical views we present, and welcome parental feedback & inquiries as to what is presented on our forum.

We apologize for the inconvenience, but children under the age of 13 may NOT join CA . This is in compliance to COPPA law.

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